Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Craft for the Craic- July Challenge - Favourite colour

Now this challenge should have been easy and yet I struggled with it ... why ??? I couldn't decide what my was my favourite colour..eventually I settled on a purple theme and here it is

I started by stamping the background, the card itself is white but a hammered finish to it. The ink I used is Brilliance archival pigment pad that has a trio of colours in it - pink, blue and purple and when stamped, theres a lovely sheen on it. The stamp is a hero arts one - of dandelion 'clocks' . The main image looks a bit more complicated than it is - below are step by step instructions on how to create it.

I used some double sided paper- plain on one side, patterned on the other. I cut 8 circles approx 2 inches

I placed the pattern side up. 

 Folded it in half - so the plain side was facing towards me.

 Folded it in half again (so now its in quarters) 

 Taking the curved edge, fold it back as shown above- turn it over and do the same on the other side

 Open the circle out- it should look like a semi-circle on one half and  have a point on the other

 I folded in it in half as shown above - that was really just to create a score mark that i would use for the next fold

This bit is the fiddley piece - but  fold as shown above

Do the same on the other side - Repeat for all 8 circles 

To put it all together - I cut a 2 inch circle from plain white card, with a pencil I drew 8 equal slices on it 
 ( so it looked like a pizza ). I then stuck each of the petals onto the 'slices'. To finish it off I popped a pearl  in the centre and  co-ordinated it with 3 pearls on the left side of the card 

For fun I  made a second flower, using the same folds - but i reversed the paper, so for the first petal - I laid the paper down with the plain side facing me, when folded in half - the  pattern was on view  

To finish it off - i didn't flatten down the folds quite so hard
- below shows the two flowers side by side, both look quite different 

 Thanks for stopping by and hope the post inspires you to try it and have some fun paper folding

Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Our July Anything Goes challenge is now underway and 
our sponsor for this challenge is

Aurora Wings

You know how sometimes you look at 'something' and you think - I know exactly what I want to do with that. Well thats how I felt about this gorgeous Whimsical Fuchsia Sprite. I just couldn't wait to get started

I printed the image and started colouring it with pencils, pan pastels, promakers and my water colour markers. Having coloured it half in - I thought it would be just perfect for layering up. I coloured each layer and shaped it before adding  

Then using my Tonic Punch and Stamp Set - I created  my fuschia flowers in papers that matched with the tones used in the sprite.

Once all the elements had been collected and prepared : Image, flowers, swirls, background and frame- it was just a case of positioning them and sticking them down ( I used both glue and double sided tape).
When it had dried and I was sure they were competely secure - I placed them into the frame 

I dont often enter blog challenges but this month have entered it into :