Friday, 6 November 2015

Craft for the Craic - Something Glittery

This month over at Craft for the Craic the challenge was 'Something Glittery'
And this is my glittery bauble
( sorry the photo isn't the best - but the lighting at the moment doesn't help much).
Its made from a 12" x 12" sheet of card stock - double sided would probably be best, But I figured that out when I was putting it all together - oh well!!!
Also required is double sided tape, glue, ribbon, glitter and butchers twine.
There is a bit of measuring involved and maybe the way I've described it makes it sound complicated - Believe me once you start , its very straight forward
Cut the 12"x12" sheet as follows :    Two strips of 1” x 12”
                                                           Four strips of 1.25" x 8”
                                                           Two strips of 1.5” x 10” strips

Take two of the 1.25" x 8" strip and glue\ tape together, (this would be in duplicate)
Take the two 1.5" x 10" strips and glue\tape together 

End up with two 1" x 12" strips,
                     two 1.25" x 16" strips
                     one 1.5" x  20" strips

I used a score board, marked each strip at half inch intervals and folded into valley and mountain folds ( i.e. folded like and accordion)
I then laid them out as shown below : 12" strip,  16" strip,  20" strip, 16" strip and 12" strip

There are  lots of YouTube clips on line that can explain how to make the rosettes more succinctly than I can, Basically take each strip, glue the start and end together and make the rosette shaped 'flowers' as shown below
Using a wet glue and brush I painted the edges of each rosette, liberally sprinkled glitter over them and allowed them to dry over night.
Using a combination of double sided tape and glue between each rosettes- I stacked them as shown.
To ensure it all stayed together - I feed the butchers twine through from bottom to top. Created a loop so it could be hung up. 

To finish it all off - I created two bows, one in satin ribbon, the other in organza, I layered them over each other and stitched them to the butchers twine . For an extra bit of bling - I added the bauble at the bottom.
And voilà - my 'something glittery

As always thanks for dropping by - I hope this encourages some of you to have a go.
For those who may be calling into me  over the next while - In advance I apologise for the glitter that will be all over you (despite my attempts to clean it up).
But hey at this time of the year everybody should have a little glitter and be fabulous :)