Sunday, 20 April 2014

Its OWL about attitude

 Originally this was supposed to be part of a challenge but for a variety of reasons it never made it that far. Still I thought as it was a little different that I'd like to share it with you anyway .

I  know owls are very popular at the moment, so took this Bestie image, one that might be more associated with pink, girly and pretty - I changed it into something a bit more masculine, darker and hopefully fun. I purposely did this to show the versatility of the digi-stamps and to prove that imagintaion is really the only limitation when it comes to creating.

For my inspiration I looked at some of the posters for the film Terminator
    Once I got started on it - I ran wild ... it was so much FUN. I printed the digi a couple of times , googled leather look backgrounds, printed it off, grabbed some cooking foil and lots of sticky pads. Using the leather look paper I made a jacket with stand up collar, Cut separate wings, covered them with the same paper and used the pads to attach them to the body
  Using some cooking foil, I cut out the head, layered the very distinctive Besties eyes over it, Cut out the 'terminator' glasses and layered them over the face also.
 Then to keep it like the original  poster, again using google I  found a text that was similiar to that used on the posters,  printed it off . Put some thin red stripes behind the owl and softened the whole look with the addition of the black bow. That FAMOUS line (with a slight play on spellings!!! ) keeps the card open
   Hope you like my take on this- Just on a personal level, this will be my last post including the Besties Images, but a massive thank you to Gill and the original team for letting me be part of it and I wish the new guys lots of luck.I guess in this case Arnie wasn't correct as I wont be back  

Friday, 4 April 2014

Craft for the Craic ...Spring\ Easter Theme

This months theme was Spring or Easter. For me the first of the daffodils is a sign of longer days and sunnier climates ... well I can live in hope. And since i seem to torture and kill all attempts at growing them- I thought this might be the safer option. Using my tonic punch and stamp set, I created these- very little paper is actually required and its a fun way to use up scraps.

I punched out the individual petals, using the side of my pokey tool I added a bit of shape to them by putting a crease on one side, turned them over and creased the other side at slight angles.  The centres were punches, shaped and layered

For the stems and leaves - I had green and brown striped paper that I cut up, creased and glued into postion, using foam pads on the back of the flowers they were attached to the card
Thanks for dropping by and hope you get some inspiration from this  :)