Friday, 4 September 2015

September - Anything but a square or rectangle over at Craft for the Craic

This months challenge over at Craft for the Craic is  - Anything but a square or rectangle.
I embraced this task by completely ignoring my tendency to create cards and I went with something completely different.
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Quite often I hear people say how expensive crafting is - in this case it cost precious little and I'm happy with the outcome. I started with some sheets from an old calendar- I'd kept it much longer than I should have, only because I liked the pretty colours and knew I'd eventually find a use for it

I turned the pages over and marked the bottom of it at half inch intervals

At the top  - I moved the rule in a 1/4 of an inch and measured half inch spaces

Then its a case of joining the dots so it results in an isosceles or an equilateral triangle shape,
a bit like this  /\
Using a blade and metal rule - cut along the lines and it results in this
Using a cocktail stick- wrap the strip around it, starting at the wide end and holding it tight
As you near the narrow end - add a little glue and continue to roll tight

It should look a little like this when completed

 Continue to wrap and glue until a collection is created. I put them on the sticks in some polystyrene packaging to allow the glue to dry.
To toughen them up and ensure they lasted longer I gave them a coat of gloss sealer   
Voila - the finished beads
There's 100's of different ways of using these but I made a necklace and bracelet combination.
For an added bit of interest I put tiny flower shaped beads between my paper ones.

Thank you for dropping by - I hope you found the blog interesting and useful. Paper weight and length of the triangles will have an effect on the beads - so have a bit of fun trying different combinations.