Friday, 8 May 2015

Craft for the Craic - Wings Challenge

Over at Craft for the Craic - the challenge this month is Wings

Seen as I'm such a huge fan of Butterflies and Fairies, my natural inclination would have been to pick either of these but i decided to set myself a bit of a challenge and steer away from the obvious. Heres what I created - it looks like a pretty average card but the surprise is on the inside

I have the cutest set of litte duck stamps and I thought rather than just stamp them onto the card - I'd delevop the idea a step further. The 'ducks' start off like the one on the front of the card - just wearing his feathers!!!! included in the stamp set are 'clothes' for the duck, so its easy to stamp them, colour them and layer them up as fits the occasion. 
So having prepared the individual parts, each one was cut and layered, glued and then to strengthen them, they were laminated. 

Then they were stuck to the pegs, tiny magnets were attached to them   
Easily creating fun, useful fridge magnet note holders

So thats my take on our 'wings' challenge  and not a fairy or butterfly in sight :)
Thank you for taking the time to pop by and hope to see you back again soon