Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Exploding Box

This was my first attempt at an exploding box.... Made from a 12x12 sheet of card, there are lots of templates available on the internet, but for this I scored at 4 and 8 inches, turned the sheet 45 degrees and scored again at 4 and 8 inches (it reminded me of  a grid for Xs & Os)  Cut off the 4 corner squares so you're  left with a shape that looks like + sign. Each 'side' measures 4'' x 4''. Repeated this procedure  twice more, reducing the size of the squares to 3.5'' and 3''. Then the fun bit of decorating began....

As this was for a special birthday - I printed out the age,  laminated it and used it as a focal point for the centre of the box. To decorate the squares - I used a combination of photos ( I photocopied those so as not to ruin the originals), details and events from their life were recorded here too - Options are endless, all it takes is a little imagination


  1. such a fab box and a great keepsake gift for the recipient to treasure

  2. Great little box and love the laminated numbers idea, looks like it's floating. :0)


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