Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas cards

These are a few of the cards I made this year

They were similiar - yet different, each is a 3 fold card. on opening each section a small surprise is waiting 

On opening the final flap - a pocket was revealed that contained, small, postable, festive favours that were suitable for each of the receipents, a couple of examples; individual sachets of drinking choclate, small chocolate elf shaped lollipop, jewellery, tiny calendars, bookmarks- the possibilities are endless. Just ensure that the contents are allowable by each of the countries postal and customs services (I know Australia and New Zealand dont allow foodstuff)

Having said all that - these were made well in advance, posted at the beginning of Decemeber and yet I know some of them still haven't been delivered- am bitterly disappointed :(


  1. Fantastic. I spy a pamper gift that a certain someone gave to me too :-)

  2. These are really cool, think I like the second one best of all :0)


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