Monday, 10 February 2014

You're Berry Sweet

The directive for this weeks Besties blog was 'You're Berry Sweet'. well naturally we all know that I am :)
There are some really gorgeous Berry themed stamps and I couldn't decide which one to pick - so I choose two of them
Digi img097 2 and Digi IMG662. I thought I'd like to do something other than a card and this weeks theme was perfect for my project. A personalised travel mug. My thought process was Berries -> Juice-> Mug   
I used a pink marble effect backing paper, coloured my besties with water colour pencils. Printed out the words 'You're Berry Special', die cut them and used pan pastels around the edge to high-light them. I glued them all into place and allowed them to dry.  

Nothing too special in that I hear you cry.... Well once i had that done the fun began. I had recently purchased a travel mug in my local Swedish home furnishing store - this one is a little different as it purpose built to customise\ personalise it with a picture or photos etc.. ( i'll pop up a link to it at the end of the blog - if you'd like to see the mug in its natural state).
When it was dried properly - I then curled the card and slotted it into the mug, put the base back in place and finished it off with a co-ordinated ribbon.
The link for the mug  as promised  :


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, hun - I could definitely do with one of these on my freezing cold playground duties! Lol.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  2. I am loving these amazing idea so cute xxxx wendy

  3. So sweet Pixie love the idea - Carol xx

  4. Perfect for on the go beautiful creation :) x


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