Saturday, 16 August 2014

Craft for the Craic - An Item you've never used before....

Good Morning :)  An easy challenge I thought to myself ... Ohhhhh how foolish I am. I took a look in my
craft area and staring back at me were a whole lot of 'items' I'd never used (hanging my head in shame now). There are so many choices and just so little time - New beads, material, wool, stamps, inks, digis, dies, stencils, I could go on..... and  thats not including the 100s of ideas, techniques and folds  in my head that will never find their way onto paper. With my brain a mass of confusion and bewilderment - I set out to the task in hand and this is what I came up ...

Its a butterfly themed card and co-ordinating Happiness Kit gift box.

So the card was made using a stencil and and some glitter frosting paste. ( Both were items that i hadn't used before). The glitter paste was easier to use than i had anticipated - I'm pretty sure there are U tube clips and technical documents out there explaining how to apply it .... The easiest way for me to explain it - I applied it in the same way that i would butter a slice of toast!!!!! Using a palate knife I started at the top of the stencil and using the pink paste - spread it across the stencil. I swapped over to the purple paste and finished off covering the stencil. Its far from perfect  but the medium is quite forgiving - I helped the drying process by using a heat gun on the back of the card. I stuck some clear gems in the centre of the flowers to finish it off 

Then I tackled the Happiness Kit - I really cant take credit for this idea as something similiar was sent to me many years ago, but I have adapted it for here.  I loved it and its a very simple thing to do. The Box was made from very stiff card. I stamped and die cut the butterfly. Added the flower embellishments ( Again all new items  that were on their maiden voyage). I typed up the 'Happiness Kit' tag on the PC, co-ordinated the colours to match the project, printed it, cut it out  and stuck it on with a glue stick.

Inside the box is a strange little collection of things

  But the explanation for each item has been typed up and stuck on the inside of the box. Its a lovely way of saying I thought of you, If someone is  having a tough time it might just make them smile a little 
I hope you like this project and now I dont have to feel so guilty about  the unloved and un-used craft items as I've incorporated quite a few into this blog

Thanks for popping by and hope to see back again soon

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  1. Hi Pixie thank you for the comment on my blog and all I thought the max was 5 so sorry about that :)
    Love the card and stencil and great glitter frosting paste,great idea for a Happiness Kit love all the items and verse
    Carol x


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