Saturday, 16 August 2014

Time 4 Scrap - Autumn Colours

Ok so this is a n new adventure for me, Its my first post for the Time 4 Scrap blog team. The suggested theme was Autumn Colours and I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous digi to work with

 Shes called Berrylicious and is created by artbymiran,  available in two variations with and without the grapes\berries. As the theme here was Autumn- I coloured the berries in various shades of browns and oranges - I attempted to make them look more like acorns

The leaves were fun to do
 ....and i'm not suggesting that you do this but let me say that the starting materials or 'papers'  for the leaves were found  in my local hardware shop in the paint sample cards section.... but shhhhhhh dont tell. 
I used my leave shaped die and cut out some samples. They still appeared slightly flat ... so using my hougie board- I added some veins to them and then shaped them using a bone folder. Finally to give them a more authentic look I inked the edges of them and across some of the veins

Using a combination of glue, sticky pads and padded double sided sticky tape ( the sort that comes on a role,) I attached the leaves to the front of the card  at various angles and heights. Finally I threaded some leaves together and hung them from the card - this was to appear as though the leaves were falling  

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